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  • Ten Questions I Should Ask at Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • What Are the Symptoms of Dyslexia?
  • Why Teach Spelling in the Age of Spellcheck?
  • How to Help My Struggling Reader?
  • Is It Really ADHD?
  • Audiobooks Improve Reading
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  • Stop the COVID Reading Slide!
  • Free Online Dyslexia Test

    Free Online Dyslexia Test

    One effect of COVID schooling, is that K-2 grade students are not learning to read at the normal pace of years past.  Parents are also… Read more »

  • Doing online learning right

    Doing online learning right

    Learning occurs best when children are engaged socially, emotionally and are not stressed. Learning occurs best when it is customized to the child.

  • Spelling and Reading Are Intricately Linked

    Spelling and Reading Are Intricately Linked

    Spelling skills have a large impact on reading fluency and comprehension. The better the speller the more fluent the reader. Be concerned if your child is a poor speller. It can be a warning sign of dyslexia.