Heidi Kroner
Executive Director
BS Sociology / MBA
Wilson Level 1 Certified Instructor
Barton Dyslexia Screener 

I started Aspire Academy to reach those who struggle with reading and spelling.

I have filled this organization with caring, compassionate people. I love to teach students the skills they need to succeed. My personal drive stems from a lifetime of seeing highly-talented individuals who struggle with reading and spelling being denied their full potential.

Aspire Academy is my third dyslexic organization.

  • I am a founding member of Decoding Dyslexia Iowa
  • I am a founding partner of True Potential Education, the first dyslexia learning center in the Des Moines metro.
  • I currently own and operate Aspire Academy in Urbandale, Iowa.

I know how to build caring organizations that deliver quality services.  All of the organizations I have started are thriving.

Empathy and Empowerment – it’s in our DNA

  • We hire empathetic, caring tutors who understand children with learning struggles.
  • Our tutors are mothers who have had children with learning differences.
  • They understand that the social and emotional issues tied to struggling with reading and spelling are as important to overcome as gaining the ability to read, write and spell at grade level.  
  • We work to help children understand that they can do this…they can succeed.
  • Because of this, children enjoy coming to Aspire, and they enjoy the tutoring experience, even though it is hard work for them.