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Our Teaching Philosophy


Our students and their success are our TOP priority.

  1. We believe in quality tutoring given with high doses of emotional support. 
  2. We support students emotionally and academically as they conquer their reading and spelling challenges. 
  3. At Aspire, a child’s confidence grows with their improvements in reading, writing and spelling.
  4. Our students thrive because they discover that they can succeed.

Empathy and Empowerment - it’s in our DNA


Aspire believes in quality, trained professionals delivering Orton-Gillingham reading programs as designed. 


Personalized Services / Customized Locations

We don’t just tutor at our Douglas location.  Several private schools in the area allow us to come in and tutor children during the school day.  We also tutor at student homes if the location is convenient for the tutor and family. 


Aspire Academy will travel!


Our Services


ADHD, Dyslexia or Both?
December 14 2017
ADHD and Dyslexia have overlapping symptoms. This article and its links provide information on what each disorder looks like.

We help kids everyday improve their reading and spelling!
November 30 2017
80% of children with IEPs for reading have undiagnosed dyslexia states the American Academy of Pediatrics. Aspire Academy helps children and teens achieve grade level reading. If you have a child who struggles to read chapter books, continually misspells common words, and home work is a struggle..

New Dyslexia Resource in Des Moines!
October 11 2017
Coping with Dyslexia - Check out Restorative Counseling DSM. Helping local residents deal with the social and emotional issues that accompany dyslexia.

Recent Blog Posts

Is it really ADHD?
December 13 2017
ADHD or Dyslexia...both cause problems with attention and reading. What do the experts say? Read this quick article and investigate what is known about the two conditions.

What Schools Won't Tell You...
November 30 2017
Children and adults who are poor spellers and slow readers are wired differently. With the right reading programs, you can be reading at grade level and above in 18-36 months.

Dyslexia Got You Down?
October 11 2017
Dyslexia is more than struggling to read and spell. It makes many people affected by it feel inadequate, and "not as good" as others. Read about local services that can help!

Customer Comments

" I just heard your ad on the radio today. Heidi helped our son a few years ago, and we are very thankful!! He is almost done with his first semester at the University of Iowa majoring in Biomedical Engineering! The SDS office at Iowa also accepted his dyslexia documentation so he was granted extra time to take exams, leniency on spelling/grammar and a distraction free testing environment. Thank you for all your help!"

Urbandale father