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Have a child who is bright but writing, spelling and reading are a struggle? Have a gifted child that needs an extra challenge? Does your child have a 504 or IEP and you are confused? We provide monthly parent information classes held at Aspire Academy.


Twice monthly, Aspire Academy hosts parent meetings on learning and attention issues in children. Sign up to join us for an educational meeting below.


There is no fee for parent meetings, rather we encourage you to leave a donation.


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Want an A in English? Prepare now! ACT Prep schedule announced soon!
August 10 2017
Stay tuned for our Fall ACT Prep Classes! Good sentence structure and punctuation is key to getting A's on papers in high school and college. Too many students do excellent work, but are docked on the mechanics of writing.

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June 23 2017
All of our tutors receive in-person, training from Wilson Reading System staff. No other dyslexia learning center in the metro invests in their staff's training like Aspire Academy.

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May 18 2017
When a child with dyslexia begins learning to read, they begin using areas on the right side of the brain. Dyslexia therapy will teach them to use the more efficient left-side of the brain when reading.

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Customer Comments

"I was at my wits end. I knew something wasn't right and my high school son just kept struggling. I reached out to Heidi and she helped us assess the obstacles to my son's success and came up with clear tactics to overcome them, all the while making my son feel like he COULD do it. As a result of Heidi's coaching he scored a 28 on the ACT and will graduate from high school in May."

Brooke B.
Urbandale, IA