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Parent Education Meetings


Sometimes, it would be nice if you could just sit and talk to a real, live person about all the information you are finding.  We know that surfing the internet for information is not enough.  That’s why we have twice monthly, free parent education meetings.  The journey of helping your child have a smoother ride through school is filled with potholes, and we want to help you navigate that journey.


We’ve been in your shoes, and we know what it feels like to pour over web sites searching for answers. We pick topics to help you make informed decisions about the education of your child.


The topics change monthly and we detail our topics on the Aspire Academy Facebook Page. You can register for the meetings using the form below or through the event form on our Facebook Event Page.


Stop by!  We’d love to see you!


Past meeting topics:

  1. ADHD or Dyslexia...Learn the Differences and How They Overlap.
  2. Learning and Attention Issues - What Are They?
  3. How to Succeed in School Despite Obstacles
  4. What is Dyslexia?
  5. Dyslexia and Preparing for College...What Do You Need to Do?
  6. What is the Orton-GIllingham Method and How Does It Help Struggling Readers?



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April 03 2018
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March 01 2018
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December 14 2017
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Customer Comments

"I could write a book about the problems we had regarding our son and his learning disability. He was finally diagnosed at UW Madison. We sent him to a special reading camp in Northern Wisconsin for two summers which used the Orton Gillingham method only to have his regular teachers ignore everything he learned so he would back slide. I had a boss who trained pilots during the war who told me that when schools stopped teaching phonics you could see these kids coming out of the woodwork. But no one wants to listen. Yes, we can cut back on our education budgets and use that money to build more prisons because that is where a lot of our young people with disabilities will end up. God bless you for having a program to help these young people. Thank you."

Sandy W.
Des Moines, IA