We help children who struggle with reading, writing and spelling make up lost ground and achieve grade-level reading.  We do this by measuring where they struggle. Then we personalize our tutoring to their exact needs.  We can do this because our staff is highly trained, and we use evidence-based screening tools to pinpoint what is causing your child’s reading, writing and spelling challenges.  We help children of all ages: Elementary, Middle and High School.  It is never too late!

80% of children in special education for reading have dyslexia according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Harvard Researcher, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, states that dyslexia is the most under-diagnosed ailment of childhood. If your child is struggling with reading, writing or spelling, don’t hope they “will grow out of it.”  Dyslexia is 95% diagnosable by the end of kindergarten. Early intervention is key.

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When a child is struggling with reading, writing and spelling, parents can receive a lot of conflicting advice.  Want to talk to someone and figure out what will work best for your child? Aspire provides free parent consultations to explain our services and how to best help students with dyslexia achieve grade level reading.
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