Understood.org is a great website for learning more about dyscalculia.  Our Dyscalculia checklist is based off the information from their website.

Children with dyscalculia will experience some of the symptoms below, but not all. Give us a call if your child is struggling with understanding the language of math, and can not keep up with their classmates.

Check all boxes that apply, even if the child “has grown out of the symptom.”

  • Signs of Dyscalculia in Preschool

  • Signs of Dyscalculia in Grade School

  • Signs of Dyscalculia in Middle School

  • Signs of Dyscalculia in High School

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If you’re concerned your child may have dyscalculia, learn about the next steps to take. You can go over this checklist with your child’s doctor. You may also want to talk about what you’re seeing with your child’s teachers. Together you can come up with a plan to get your child the support he needs.