Need help with IEPs or 504 plans?  Don’t know how to navigate the school system and get the services your child needs?

We have an experienced Parent/Child Advocates on staff who can help you with this process.  We charge an hourly rate for research and representation at meetings. We have a substantial discount for those who tutor at Aspire Academy.

Kara Wishman

Wilson Tutor / Parent Advocacy Consultant

Kara has been a Wilson tutor and Parent Advocate with Aspire Academy since June of 2017. Due to her own family’s experiences, she has the ability to consult with parents regarding 504 plans and Individual Education Programs (IEP). This consultation can be in the form of a general meeting to describe the process, review an existing plan, and if local, she is able to assist by attending school meetings.”

She also enjoys working with students teaching them Wilson’s comprehensive and intensive program.

Call Aspire at 515-978-4312 to learn more about our advocacy services.