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If your child is struggling with reading, writing and spelling, try our systematic phonics program. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health state that systematic phonics programs are the best way to help struggling readers, yet our schools rarely deliver them in the intensity needed. Most kids lag for years in special ed with little results to show. We can improve your child’s reading ability, confidence and attitude towards school. We have caring, highly trained tutors.

Aspire Academy’s Systematic Phonics Program delivers:

One-on-One Tutoring

The Wilson Reading System: The most researched program for struggling readers, this program teaches decoding, phonics, vocabulary, spelling and reading fluency all in a one-hour lesson. Decoding problems is a leading cause of lack of fluency in children.

10 weeks of instruction: Two, 90-minute sessions per week, 36 hours of instruction total.

Personalized to your student’s specific needs.

Ages: Entering Kindergarten through 11th grade

Dates: Registration begins April 1, 2021

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that students who struggle to learn foundational reading skills need a systematic phonics program delivered in a one-on-one setting, at the student’s pace to attain grade level reading.

Aspire’s Summer Program uses the Wilson Reading System. It teaches the foundations of reading in a systematic, cumulative manner at your child’s place. It is the leading systematic phonics program in the U.S.

Our 90-minute sessions are built around the five building blocks of reading and include: phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency, and comprehension.

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