Gratefully, Patricia F. – Heidi Kroner and Aspire Academy have been an extreme blessing in my family’s life. Heidi has been there every step of the way with us for the last two years, educating, encouraging, and supporting us through it all.  We have become good friends with Heidi and value her knowledge and enthusiasm of the reading programs she works with. I love to hear Heidi and my grandson laughing while they are tutoring. She has established a relationship with him, engages him and makes learning fun. It is obvious she truly cares about him and his future.  I knew from the first time I met her, while attending one of her free workshops approximately four years ago, she was completely dedicated to helping her students and their families. You just don’t find those attributes in people or businesses much anymore.
Heidi has spent countless hours researching ways to help my grandson, attending meetings, communicating with teachers, parents, etc. She adapts her approach based on the students needs and interests, and tries different methods if something doesn’t work until she finds what does. This dedication is invaluable.  If you are questioning whether to try their services, I would strongly suggest you do, you can’t afford not to. The sooner the better.
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