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Heidi KronerHeidi Kroner
Executive Director
BS Sociology / MBA
Wilson Level 1 Certified Tutor
Barton Dyslexia Screener


My personal philosophy towards learning is that beginnings are scary, endings are sad, but it is everything in between that makes it worthwhile. Children must receive the right program for their learning challenges, but they must also enjoy the experience, feel it is helping and feel comfortable in the environment. 


"Beginnings are scary, endings are sad, but it is everything in between that makes it worthwhile". Heidi Kroner


Aspire Academy is my fourth dyslexia organization that I have started.  As a founding member of Decoding Dyslexia Iowa and a mother of a dyslexic child, I know the shortage of services for these children.


I helped to create thriving dyslexia learning center in West Des Moines, a non-profit, Literacy Lifeline, to raise scholarships for dyslexia therapy, and now I am expanding services for dyslexia by locating Aspire Academy in Urbandale. 


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Want an A in English? Prepare now! ACT Prep schedule announced soon!
August 10 2017
Stay tuned for our Fall ACT Prep Classes! Good sentence structure and punctuation is key to getting A's on papers in high school and college. Too many students do excellent work, but are docked on the mechanics of writing.

Recent Blog Posts

Quality Tutors / Most Up-to-Date Training
June 23 2017
All of our tutors receive in-person, training from Wilson Reading System staff. No other dyslexia learning center in the metro invests in their staff's training like Aspire Academy.

Retraining the Dyslexic Reading Brain
May 18 2017
When a child with dyslexia begins learning to read, they begin using areas on the right side of the brain. Dyslexia therapy will teach them to use the more efficient left-side of the brain when reading.

New OG Stories with Spring themes
May 07 2017
Two new stories - Nick and Seth Get Bikes and Mom Gets A Gift

Customer Comments

" I could write a book about the problems we had regarding our son and his learning disability. He was finally diagnosed at UW Madison. We sent him to a special reading camp in Northern Wisconsin for two summers which used the Orton Gillingham method only to have his regular teachers ignore everything he learned so he would back slide. I had a boss who trained pilots during the war who told me that when schools stopped teaching phonics you could see these kids coming out of the woodwork. But no one wants to listen. Yes, we can cut back on our education budgets and use that money to build more prisons because that is where a lot of our young people with disabilities will end up. God bless you for having a program to help these young people. Thank you."

Sandy W.
Des Moines, IA