Due to COVID-19, we made the leap to online Orton-Gillingham tutoring delivered with fidelity. The Wilson Reading System provided our facility with many support materials to make online teaching a high-quality, enjoyable experience for our students. Aspire staff took classes to maximize student engagement online and master the Zoom meeting platform.

In addition, our staff follows many blogs and Facebook groups that share online reading resources that have allowed us to create many interactive, engaging activities that can be personalized to the concepts that each student needs specific help with. Our goal has been to create and maintain the quality, one-on-one teaching experience that students receive in-person, via the Zoom meeting platform.

COVID-19 has exposed many pitfalls to online learning, but Aspire has specifically set out to avoid these.

My daughter loves to play the customized reading games her tutor creates for her. It keeps the format engaging and interactive. My daughter enjoys her tutoring sessions. She feels proud of herself when she has finished a session.” Dubuque, Iowa Mother

Aspire Academy provides live instruction, delivered one-on-one, tutor-to-student via Zoom. Zoom’s platform allows us to create an engaging experience for students that is not overwhelming and teaches kids critical reading and spelling skills in a format that they learn best.

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