Our students and their success are our TOP priority.

Meet the Aspire Academy tutors, see their passion, and learn about their dedication to every student’s success.
  1. We believe in quality tutoring given with high doses of emotional support.  
  2. We support students emotionally and academically as they conquer their reading and spelling challenges.  
  3. At Aspire, a child’s confidence grows with their improvements in reading, writing, and spelling.
  4. Our students thrive because they discover that they can succeed.

Empathy and Empowerment – it’s in our DNA

Aspire Academy Group
  • We hire empathetic, caring tutors who understand children with learning struggles.
  • They understand that the social and emotional issues tied to struggling with reading and spelling are as important to overcome as gaining the ability to read, write and spell at grade level.  
  • We work to help children understand that they can do this…they can succeed.
  • Because of this, children enjoy coming to Aspire, and they enjoy the tutoring experience, even though it is hard work for them.  

Aspire believes in quality, trained professionals delivering Orton-Gillingham reading programs as designed.

  • Aspire Academy trains our tutors to the highest standards in the industry.  All of our tutors are monitored by certified professionals, receive training from the Wilson Academy, have access to all Wilson materials online and at home. No other dyslexia tutoring center in the Des Moines Metro area invests in their tutor training to the level we do.
  • Our students make excellent progress because of the high-level of training our tutors receive.  In addition, Aspire holds monthly tutor-lunch-and-learns about dyslexia, and we have a private FB page where we share tips and success strategies. We measure student success at every lesson, every six months and every year. Parents receive frequent progress reporting.
  • All tutors are encouraged to become Level 1 Wilson Certified. Becoming Wilson Level 1 Certified includes 120 additional hours of training, including direct observation by the Wilson Language Company and grading of 60 lesson plans. Heidi Kroner, the Executive Director of Aspire, is Wilson Certified, and frequently observes and coaches tutors as well.  Kathleen Melde and Karen Schneider are also Wilson Level 1 Certified.  Karen, Kathleen and Heidi Kroner have all begun their Wilson Level 2 Certification as well.

Personalized Services / Customized Locations.  

We don’t just tutor at our Douglas location. We tutor students in-person and online. Several private schools in the area allow us to come in and tutor children during the school day. We also tutor at student homes if the location is convenient for the tutor and family.  We reserve the right to charge a travel fee, if needed.

Aspire Academy will travel!

Aspire Academy instructors will tutor during the school day if your school allows us in. We currently tutor several students during the school day, at three different schools, and we have tutored over 10 students at schools since we started. Students progress faster because they are not tired, they are in the ‘school mode’ and they are more productive. If your school will let us in, and it is centrally located, we will consider it!

Aspire Academy will tutor at your home if it makes sense based on your location and the assigned tutor’s location. We currently tutor at five student homes…Johnston, Beaverdale, Clive and Urbandale. We tutor in homes both before and after school.  We reserve the right to charge a travel fee if the tutor will have to travel during rush hour traffic.